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Your Rhythm, Your Life residential workshop

  • August 31, 2017
  • 5:00 PM
  • September 03, 2017
  • 2:00 PM
  • Retreat House & Chapel

oin Grammy-Award-winning master drummer Glen Velez, 
vocal phenomenon LOIRE, and acclaimed cellist Eugene
Friesen  for a rare opportunity to expand your rhythmic
awareness and project new dimensions of energy into
your performance. 

Frame drummers, instrumentalists and vocalists are welcome to join this special guided process of discovery into the 
inner world of flowing time and creative collaboration.

Glen and LOIRE's innovative approach uses stepping, gesture and rhythm vocals as the basic tools for exploring pulse flow and time awareness. We then apply this knowledge to our instruments or voice in coached ensemble settings. 

This innovative approach uses body movement, drum language and vocal improvisation as the basic tools for exploring pulse flow and time awareness. Frame drums and shakers - essential shamanic instruments - help guide our sonic adventures. (Glen Velez Signature Series drums and shakers will be provided.) 

Eugene Friesen, author of “Improvisation for Classical Musicians,” is known for catalyzing improvisation in group settings.  Participants in “Your Rhythm, Your Life” will apply new-found rhythmic skills in ensemble settings that encourage free play, listening, responding and discussion. 


LOIRE (Lori Cotler)

"… jaw-dropping dexterity with her acrobatic vocalizing and rapid-fire articulation” (Chicago Classical Review). 

LOIRE (aka Lori Cotler) has garnered an international reputation as one of the most captivating performers of our time. Using exotic rhythms as her muse, she executes with the human voice phrases that do not seem possible in their rhythmic speed and clarity. Loire's emotionally-charged melodic inventions and evocative percussion-driven interpretations of jazz standards and original compositions are informed by raw melismatic improvisations, jazz-scat and pop stylings, along with lightning-fast South Indian drum language. 

After earning a Bachelor of Music from Berklee College of Music, followed by a Master’s degree in Music Therapy from New York University, she became a professor of Music Therapy and Voice at the New School (2001-2006) and worked extensively in the clinical field. In addition to conducting regular master classes at The Juilliard School in New York City, LOIRE's unique teaching method is being embraced at prestigious conservatories and universities throughout the world. She has performed in Taiwan, Mexico, Israel, Brazil, and throughout Europe and the United States. Her live performances have been broadcast on Spanish National Radio 4, German Public Radio, Italian National Radio 3, Radio Freistadt (Austria), DRS (Swiss-German national radio), WNYC and National Public Radio in the US. 

LOIRE is a core member of TA KA DI MI project led by Grammy-winning master percussionist and composer Glen Velez.  She has been receiving rave reviews for her leading role as anchorwoman in the THE NEWS: a reality opera composed by the renowned avant-pop Dutch composer JacobTV. In September 2013 she will be performing a 'Peace' edition of THE NEWS in Rotterdam for the new King of Holland and will be on tour with the Nationale ReisOpera company in 2013-14. LOIRE's signature vocal style can be heard on a wide variety of recordings, film scores, television commercials and CD collaborations with world-class musicians and composers. She is currently in the studio recording her first solo album LOIRE: a voice unchained, to be released Autumn 2013. For more info, visit:  

Glen Velez

"A galaxy of timbres and inflections ... remarkable rhythmic fireworks" (The New York Times). 

A four-time Grammy Award winner, Glen Velez is the founding father of the modern Frame Drum movement and is regarded as a legendary figure among musicians and audiences world-wide. During his illustrious career, Velez has single-handedly popularized this ancient drum for the modern world. His virtuosic combinations of hand movements and finger techniques, along with his original compositional style - which incorporates stepping, drum language and Central Asian Overtone singing (split-tone singing) - has opened new possibilities for musicians around the globe.  

Velez is the first percussionist to gain international recognition as a successful solo artist using frame drums. In 1989 Velez’s undeniable mastery caught the attention of twentieth century composer John Cage, who Composed a piece especially for him, titled 'Improvisation for One-Sided Drum with or without Jingles.' 

His most recent work, presented as the Glen Velez TA KA DI MI Project, features the virtuosic rhythm vocalist LOIRE (Lori Cotler) and other guest artists. Velez is also a core member of TRIO GLOBO featuring Eugene Friesen and Howard Levy. 

Velez is an adjunct professor at the Mannes School of Music in New York City and conducts regular master classes at The Juilliard School and Tanglewood Summer Music Program. REMO and Cooperman Drum Co. created an exclusive line of Glen Velez Signature Series Frame Drums, as well as Glen Velez Signature Series Shakers by Anklang Co. of Germany. For more info, visit:

Eugene Friesen

"Friesen uses the cello as a biting, crunching rhythm instrument." (The Miami Herald)

Eugene Friesen is active internationally as a cellist, composer, and teacher. A graduate of the Yale School of Music, he has been featured on recordings and in concerts all over the world with the multiple Grammy Award-winning Paul Winter Consort, with Trio Globo (Friesen, Howard Levy and Glen Velez), and in his popular CelloMan performances for children and families. 

A pioneer in the teaching of improvisation to classically trained musicians, Eugene has led workshops throughout North America, Brazil and Europe. His book, Improvisation for Classically Trained Musicians (Berklee Press/Hal Leonard) co-authored by Wendy Friesen, was released in June of 2012. 

Recent compositions include Glory, for choir, soloists and orchestra premiered at the Shenandoah Valley Bach Festival in June of ’12, Low 5’spremiered by the Rembrandt Chamber Players of Chicago, The Soul of the White Ant premiered by Los Angeles' Pacific Serenades in 2013.

He is an artist-in-residence at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City, and on the faculty of the Berklee College of Music in Boston.  More information on Eugene can be found online at: 

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